Sport Plaisir

Conference MB&E 2016 / 21 - 23 nov




Motor Behavior and Emotion:
cognitive and affective factors that impact motor behavior


Congress venue

The scientific part of the conference will be held at the new Plaine Image Complex in the Old Industrial Area put into operation in 2013:
Batiment Imaginarium, La PLAINE IMAGES
99a boulevard Descat – 59200 Tourcoing
If you come by subway, take the line 2direction C.H. Dron 
and stop Alsace
To see the program of the event, please click here 
Pleasure-4-Sports is a regional project funded by the ARCIR program in collaboration with the University of Lille and Decathlon, S.A. 
The project is directed by Yvonne Delevoye-Turrell (Full professor) and conducted with members from the Laboratory in Cognitive and Affective Sciences (SCALab – Lille University) and the Affective Science lab of Decathlon. This project aims at determining the cognitive and affective keys to enhance pleasure during the practice of leisure physical activity to encourage a more active lifestyle.

The scientific studies conducted in the fields of cognitive sciences have shown that intermediate and unpredictable sensorial reinforcements will have the power to motivate an individual to practice a physical activity at a greater intensity and for a longer duration than when practicing without reinforcements (K.Sierra, Scientific America 2011). Thus, the project Pleasure-4-Sports has consisted in developing technological solutions to provide multisensory augmented environments, musical and odorant stimuli especially were considered.Applying the scientific methods used in experimental psychology, we have determined some of the individual parameters that are needed to provide motivators to inactive participants, giving them the feel good experience, as a function of their own fitness level, cognitive and emotional abilities. A scientific conference is now launched to present the key findings of this 3-year research project. Hosted at the IMAGINARIUM building in Tourcoing (10’ away from down town Lille), we aim at creating a brainstorming experience with TOP-SCIENTIFIC presenters and hands-on DEMONSTRATORS to reveal the economical outcome of the scientific findings.